Look Inward.

Let’s break down the stigma associated with leaders being closed off and impenetrable. Let’s stop looking for answers in our outward journeys, but adopt a new way of purpose by looking inward. It’s okay for all of us to not be perfect. We are human beings. By expressing thoughts that matter, on issues that matter, we are in essence showing the truest expression of ourselves. Breaking down roadblocks and inspiring innovation, creation and unity at the highest levels.

Thus, we are leading naturally, which allows others to feel safe enough to follow and explore inward, this is the basis of the award winning I’m In strategy.

My passion and purpose is to inspire other leaders and individuals to empower and care for their employees and themselves. If you have been contemplating empowerment, care and a minor culture shift or dramatic rebuild for your employees, just do it without delay.

I would like to share my story, and the stories of many others, where a definite chain reaction occurs when “looking inward”. I will also explain the incredible secrets and power that accompanies great transformation, in not only you and your company, but everyone around you. Strategies and intuitive directions become easy once adopting this philosophy. Seemingly even small changes suddenly lead toward having incredible impact on the wellness of all involved and the overall KPI’s of the company.

The difference will be striking!


John won Profit 100 1999 Young Entrepreneur Award. This was John’s first venture into the world telecom as co-founder of Stratford Telecom.

For over 20 years, Ernst & Young honoured Canada’s most inspiring entrepreneurs with the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards — to shine the spotlight on game-changing business creators.

Today, the program spans more than 140 cities in 50 countries, which together represent more than 90% of the global economy.  Past winners of this prestigious award include Linda Hasenfratz of Linamar Corporation, Geoffrey Smith of EllisDon Corporation, Dr. Alan Ulsifer of FYidoctors,  Ryan Beedie of HootSuite, Jose Boisjoli of BRP, Francis McGuire of Major Drilling International Inc., Dr. John Mighton of JUMP Math;  and Guy Laliberté of Cirque du Soleil, who also won the 2006 World EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® Award.

We are very proud to announce that Fibernetics President John Stix, has been nominated for this prestigious award.

This award recognizes the CEO who has driven successful HR strategies from the top by putting people first and championing innovative HR values. We invite businesses to nominate their CEO for this Award.
Our judges will be looking for:

  • Evidence of the CEO’s leadership skills which inspire and engage the workplace
  • CEO demonstrates commitment to the HR Function as a strategic business objective at the executive management level
  • CEO actively drives HR initiatives (alongside their HR leader/ team) through open and continuous communication and support
  • CEO inspires, excites, create strong values and engages with their workforce

How prospective employees feel about your Employer Brand ultimately determines whether your company is a great place to work at or not. This award recognizes the HR team that has developed, implemented or participated in the most compelling Employer Branding initiative or campaign.


  • Concrete evidence showcasing how HR is being one of the key contributors in communicating a business’s brand identity
  • Demonstrated excellence in delivering and communicating a unique and relevant employee value proposition. This could relate to social media communication strategy, hiring practices & interview process, positioning current employees as brand ambassadors, etc.
  • Visible and consistent alignment between company and employer branding
  • Evidence showcasing that employer branding best practices and initiatives delivered measurable benefits, including improvements in employee satisfaction/ retention/ recruitment

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I'm not perfect.

“Let’s break down the stigma associated with leaders having to be closed off and impenetrable. It’s okay for us to not be perfect. We are human beings and by expressing our thoughts that matter, on issues that matter, we are in essence being the truest expression of ourselves. Thus, leading naturally and allowing others to feel safe to follow and explore inward.”

John Stix

“Out of many outstanding qualities that John possesses, one that really stands out most brilliantly is his writing. The expression of his spiritual insight is what makes his writings really so profound. His communication with his inner-self gives us a glimpse of his deep spiritual awareness. I hope the journey that he has started in this way, practically on his own, will eventually reach the lotus feet of the Lord.”

Bhakti Charu Swami
(Chairman of the Governing Body of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, ISKCON)